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No matter what your age or skin type, there’s an Obagi facial to suit you. The Obagi innovative product range supports your skin type, promotes skin health and delivers a solution for your skin care journey. Be Enhanced Aesthetics offers a number of Obagi treatments.

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Obagi signature and exfoliating facials 


Obagi signature and exfoliating facials will help to fight signs of skin aging, the appearance of dehydrated skin, and much more!. Featuring the ever popular rejuvenative Kinetin+ Complex, a nature-identical blend of plant growth factors and go-to ingredient for sensitive skin, studies show that growth factors can be highly effective at rejuvenating the skin's appearance. Kinetin has clinically demonstrated to improve skin texture, tone and minimize the signs of  aging. When used regularly, these targeted products revitalize your appearance resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin.

At Be Enhanced Aesthetics we pride ourselves in our professional and knowledgeable service. A consultation will help provide the best possbile outcome for your face shape. We are always open and honest about our treatments, and our clients safety is our top priority.  Our registered and insured nurses are trained to handle any medical complications should the need arise.  



During the consultation process the nurse will discuss with you:

  • Any relevant medical history 

  • Your own expectations and suitability of the treatment 

  • Supplementary treatments to help you achieve the results you desire 

  • Your treatment plan, the risks, side effects and possible complications  

  • A post treatment skin care plan  

  • A portrait photograph will always be taken before and after for your medical file.

    ** Should you wish to provide a testimonial for Be Enhanced, then this photography could be used and shared via social media. However this will only be used if written consent has been provided prior to the image going live. See our Privacy Policy for this and other details on how your data is managed. 


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